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If placed end to end, enough AA batteries are thrown away each year to circle the globe 6 times. Recycle your batteries instead with Call2Recycle. 

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Where to recycle Alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) Batteries in Winnipeg

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, not all depot locations will be accepting items for drop-off. Please call to confirm before dropping off your materials.

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Call2Recycle Canada is an industry funded, non-profit organization that...

Call2Recycle Canada is an industry funded, non-profit organization that collects and recycles batteries at no cost for municipalities, businesses and consumers. Call2Recycle diverts millions of kilograms of batteries from the solid waste stream per year and has established over 7,000 collection sites throughout Canada. A leader in its field, Call2Recycle was built upon a commitment to environmental sustainability and meets or exceeds the most rigorous recycling standards for the safe recycling and management of batteries.

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